Deborah McCarthy

A woman with short, light brown hair and glasses in her mid-40s wearing a navy shirt and skirt is sitting in an office in a shiny new red wheelchair. She is smiling and looks proud.

I’ve grown up with cerebral palsy. I studied English at William Jewel College in Kansas City, Missouri and at Oxford University in Oxford, England. I have a master’s degree
in Higher Education Administration from Miami of Ohio. I’ve dedicated my career to providing accommodations to college students as a Disability Services Director.

I march because I believe that accessibility is first and foremost about an attitude which embraces and welcomes all. I march because I am haunted by the image of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter on national television. I march because passivity is even more damaging than such mockery. I march to model hope, integrity and resilience to my nieces, nephews and the thousands of students I work with each year. I march to send the message to Donald Trump and others who attempt to silence so many — we matter.

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