Eric Franks

I am a Transgender person with a Disability, I experience Ableism and Sexism nearly every day in all facets of life, and it saddens me that all women are not often included in feminist discourse, in activism, and in issues affecting all women. Women with disabilities are paid less than their able bodied counterparts, are more likely to be sexual assault victims, and are also living examples of why Feminism is important, Intersectional, and yes, why it should include disability rights, disability justice, and women of all types. I march because Ableism, Transphobia, Transmisogyny, Sexism, and racism must not be tolerated. I am marching because #DisabledLivesMatter #DisabledWomensLivesMatter #DisabledBlackLivesMatter #TransWomenAreWomenToo #TransLivesMatter I am marching brcause women deserve equality, equity, and a right to live life to their fullest, regardless of abilities, sexuality, age, racial constructs, and so forth. At all times and in all places, we are human beings, and we should be treated as such.

Your sister in solidarity, with all of the human family of the world!

Let’s ride for justice, for equity, and for equality, as one strong voice.

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