Group of Fifteen Marchers

Why I Am Joining The March: In full support of the solidarity of my fellow compassionate human beings, I attend this with you. Auto-immune issues have ravaged my body but not my spirit. May we find strength and healing and keep raising our voices together.


Sharon O’Connell
Why I Am Joining The March: I am joining the march to highlight the sexism and inequality that we seem to just accept in our society today – Donald Trump’s election is the epitome of this.
If I didn’t already have unbreakable commitments elsewhere, I would be marching in person (I am not disabled) but will be with you here and in spirit.


Nicole Marianne Fenouhlet Nelson
Why I Am Joining The March: I believe this travesty of an election process and unqualified array of cabinet nominees must be opposed by all legal means possible. I cannot actually walk for miles but I am following events online. I want to state that I support peaceful marching, and radical social change that promotes diversity, but not violent rioting.


Linden Ash
Why I Am Joining The March: I am disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Joining the march in solidarity with women everywhere and because Southern Rail have taken away my ability to travel by train.


Jacqueline Cinelli
Why I Am Joining The March: Too much hate from new president. He is against everything I believe in now and forever. My mother spent her life teaching me about love for others, She demonstrated inclusion of all people and promoting respect, love and kindness to all.


Jodi Ferreira-Rabidou
Why I Am Joining The March: I believe in equality between humans of all abilities, age, race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. I want our president to care about equality between people of our country, and to know that he will be held accountable if he doesn’t.


Why I Am Joining The March: I have and will always stand with my sisters around the world against oppression in all its forms. Physically I can’t be there today due to haveing anaphylactic shock. But I will be there with my soul and my spirit.


Why I Am Joining The March: A person without a penis is still a person. The color of your skin does not define your value. Who you fall in love with does not make you mad. I may not be able to stand in a crowd and shout, but I stand in solidarity for human rights. My voice may not be loud and my tone may not be aggressive, but our unity is a threat to your prejudice. So run.


Melanie Williams
Why I Am Joining The March: I live in Peterborough UK – we are a multicultural community with lots of positive projects to facilitate happy shared living and to protect the environment – the best of these projects is The Green Backyard! I join with my American sisters in reminding people of the world and the American administration that respect, love, compassion and caring for our planet are the peaceful ways forward….


Donna Dabler
Why I Am Joining The March: I’m concerned for women’s and civil rights going back to days of ” not being heard because of being a woman, part of a minority group of some kind.
I am concerned our country will go backwards to the 1960’s and before.
I am worried for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and future generations.
I was raised as a young girl by a father who encouraged his children to go to college and that we could make a difference to do right in the world and our great country the United States.
Our voices will be heard by young and older women who were there when women did not have the right to vote…women and many others will make sure the vulnerable and many minorities will be seen and heard.
I love our country.

Why I Am Joining The March: To show solidarity with all women, and especially those who need support. To highlight the issues that matter for equality.

Michelle Young
Why I Am Joining The March: I’m disabled. I am woman I am disenfranchised on so many levels I’d be there if I could. I demand equality i demand equal access to health (I’m denied cervical smears) I want us to sit stand or shuffle our way to a better world.

Rebecca Kyle
Why I Am Joining The March: I am legally blind and while I can walk, it is sometimes difficult navigating the streets downtown.

Yolanda Scott
Why I Am Joining The March: It’s my right to be counted even if I’m disabled now. If we don’t speak up and out, how can we complain?


Why I Am Joining The March: Donald Drumpf is a tyrant. Even if I was a healthy white man, I would feel the same way. As a woman past her “prime” with 6 disabilities (the primary one is Cluster Headache), I am even MORE worthless and disposable to Trump and his ilk. If a woman as deserving of respect as Hillary Clinton is treated so poorly by this “man”, I sure the hell am not gonna get any respect from his administration or supporters.

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