A woman smiling with brown hair parted at the side and a maroon blouse. A framed picture of three men on horseback in the background. 
I am joining the march because I cannot physically march but I want to add my voice to resist this administration. Last year I thought of myselfas a healthy individual until I learned I had a 20 lb lipoma. My world was turned upside down. I underwent radiation treatment then extensive surgery. As a result I have limited sensation on my left side and struggle to walk except for short distances. When on becomes disabled it is through no fault of their own. Furthermore,  I am a woman who is nearing 60, a survivor of sexual violence, a daughter of an immigrant mother, a mother of a college student, and I live in a toxic environment. What am I to expect? I doubt that this president, who has been extremely hostile and had shown deep disrespect and disregard, will attend to our nation’s needs responsibly. Therefore, we must raise our voices like a tidal wave, if need be, that we are not buying what this president has to sell. No deal!

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  1. Guadalupe says:

    Thank you for posting this!


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