Jade Head

I am a chronically ill 18 year old currently studying writing and film at Portland State University. Ever since I became a teenager I have had to fight my way through Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other undiagnosed disorders for an education.
I am joining the digital Women’s Disability March because of what I stand for, and what my family stands for. I am surrounded by strong women who believe in the safety and equality of all. My sister is leading a cause that has brought about immense change in how her high school handles cases of sexual violence. My mother spent a month at Standing Rock caring for mothers and pregnant women, serving as a general medic when the need arose. These ideals and rights are horribly endangered under the new president’s administration.
I am marching for my disabled sister who will lose vital health insurance if ACA is repealed. I am marching for my right to a proper education, threatened by Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. I am marching for everyone who feels unsafe having to watch a man who publicly abuses women put into the white house. I am marching because the Trump Administration took down the Climate Change, LGBT+ Rights, and Violence Against Women Act Fact Sheet pages from whitehouse.gov within hours of his inauguration.
Our liberties are in jeopardy. My sense of safety as a young disabled women is threatened. So I march. For myself, and for everyone I love.
(A white woman with straight blonde hair falling just past her shoulders wearing semi-thick black glasses).

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