Joan Vinge

I am a writer (primarily science fiction), and have two grown children.  I am glad I was at least able to function for long enough to see them through to adulthood, because I have fibromyalgia, plus a damaged back from a car accident. They cause chronic pain and weakness especially in my back and legs, so I’m not able to walk long distance.  (I appreciate the help of my husband very much at home). I had really wanted to participate in at least a local rally, but can’t, so I was overjoyed to discover this “march-in-spirit” disability website practically at the last moment!
I have been politically active and a believer in social justice causes since my college days in the 1960s, and I hope that activism, having been awakened from its slumber by a rude kick, will continue to make its presence felt again.  I am a feminist (“the radical notion that women are people””) and support diversity–social, cultural, sexual, religious, and more.  I also stand in spirit with the planners of the local Woman’s March and Rally, whom I quote here: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights!

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