Joanne Alfano


I march for justice, for intersectional feminism.  I am a senior, disabled woman, and I detest the way Trump’s campaign surfaced and “normalized” hatred for certain groups and individuals:  women, LGBTQ+,  people of color, immigrants, disabled people, Muslims and other non-Christians.   Within hours of his inauguration, the new president issued executive orders to draw back Affordable Care Act regulations, and removed any references/policy on climate change and LGBTQ+ from the website.  We have to show him, his administration, America and the world  that we do not condone racist, sexist, bigoted language and policies, and we do not support the greed that will increase economic inequality in this country. We must speak out and take action.

I am a well-educated, feminist, disabled baby-boomer  and recently acknowledged woman of white privilege.  I am morbidly obese, mobility challenged, and over 60; therefore, I feel either invisible to others, or I am the target of their stares and freak comments.  I am a tough, committed “nasty woman”.  Current health issues prohibit travel to DC – my heart is with you.

a woman with short brown-and-gray hair, glasses, and a big smile. I am wearing earrings, and a black and green sweater.


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