Woman with long curly hair smiles at the camera.

I am so grateful to have a way to show my support for the Women’s March! Due to a physical limitation, I knew participating in the Women’s March would not be feasible and I was not looking forward to sitting on the sidelines this weekend. Trump is frankly unfit to serve as president, and should never have been eligible (conflicts of interest, withholding tax records, lack of political experience, history of assault/disparaging behavior, etc., etc.). I feel Trump’s cabinet selections show a blatant disrespect to the American public, such brazen favoritism to business and special interests. And, as a woman, I am appalled by the double standards (largely propagated by the media) seen in this last election. This march also sends a strong message to a likely obstructionist Congress that the American people are wary about legislative changes that impact the rights, freedoms, and quality of life of millions.



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