Joyce Lacovara

Joyce has short grey hair, glasses, several small hoop earrings, and a grey shirt. She’s sitting in a red booth at a restaurant with her smiling granddaughters, ages two and six. Joyce is kissing the top of her two-year-old granddaughter’s head.

I’m a two-time cancer survivor. I suffer pain, a blown immune system, and mobility issues.

It isn’t easy sitting this out. I’ve been in every demonstration I could get to, beginning in the 60s with Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Vietnam, Nixon. My last attempt was the day after 9/11 when I limped my way through DC demonstrating against a military response.
I got so far behind that there were blocks along the route I waked alone. My marching days were over.

I want all women to continue to have the rights we marched for and gained back in those times, especially my two beautiful granddaughters, ages 6 and 2. I want us to have new ones too like equal pay for equal work. I want us to have respect.

Here is a pic of me and the two young women I love. I want us all to protect their future and your daughters’ and granddaughters’ futures as well.

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