Kristen with purple hair proudly standing over former service dog Brooklyn in a Wisconsin hospital. Wearing a shirt with words describing disabled individuals: “Brave, Resilient, Determined.” 
I’m joining this protest because I’m scared for my family and friends well being.My Mitochondrial disease seems to be worsening and with the healthcare system changing I’m concerned it could gravely effect my life. Our president cares for himself,and a certain kind of American. A small percentage of individuals. I was raised to stand up for whats right,fair,what I believe in. Right now rights are being taken away and that’s not fair! I believe we have to make our voice heard. I will not stand stand idly by and watch friends die because of a broken healthcare system.
Bio:I am a criminal justice major suffering from congenital central hyperventilation syndrome, mitochondrial disease, amongst other health issues Besides being disabled I’m also a minority, and Asexual. I’m sure  this will be an increasingly difficult path to live (in Trump’s America), but one I am proud of.Most of my family is also battling illnesses, many of my friends belong to the lgbta community.

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