Mary Bleier

A woman with glasses is wearing a light brown wannabe “pussy hat” that is Yoda from Star Wars.

I am joining this virtual march because my spouse fractured and dislocated her ankle and her caregiver quit with no notice. I am unable to attend the March in person as planned because she is bedridden and in pain at this point and I need to care for her. I had planned to represent us both at the L.A.march because it is so important. We are fortunate to have friends carrying signs for us so we will be there in spirit and solidarity but I want to tangibly and actively participate in every way possible.

I’m a half-Mexican, half-Hungarian Jewish American lesbian feminist molestation survivor who believes in the rights of all people. I’m not being difficult, overly sensitive or inflexible, naive or intolerant because I object and am afraid, devastated, angry and actively protesting against this horror show of an election and inauguration. I am proud to stand with everyone who is horrified,objecting and moving forward in affirming our fight against the Trump/Pence racist, homophobic, fascistic agenda with pride and determination. Armed with my Yoda hat (if I could knit it would be a pink pussy hat) I say, “May the Force be with us all!”

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