Roxie Robles

Hello, I am Roxie (49) from Tucson, AZ.  I so wish to be physically and financially able to join the March for Women and those of us living with chronic illness and disabilities. I am  proud and thankful for these organizers, those who are walking for all of us, and  so very grateful for giving us the opportunity to virtually join in this march to help raise awareness about issues that are worrisome given our new POTUS, his declarations that will not only have an  impact on us women but also those with disabilities and our children’s health and education.  I  pray all his admin  and congress, and senators who are newly elected to hear our us now! So you know who I am and where I am coming from, I will give you a bit of my history.  My struggle with chronic illness began after the birth of first daughter Bernadette, I was 25 years old. I suddenly had severe joint pain and could barely hold my new baby in my arms.  At the time, career wise, I was a proud Pima County Superior Court Case Manager. Five years later, my second daughter, Bobbi Jo was born.  By then my eye sight faded and I was plagued with chronic fatigue and pain throughout my body.  Some days were worse then others. I was told I was symptomatic for Lupus SLE, and/or MS.  I hung in there at work, a job I was proud of,  for as long as I could. The demands and the stressful working environment worsened my symptoms and eventually I had to take disability leave.  I was very sad, but looking back I don’t know how I did it it, but I did. I gave my job 23 difficult years of diligent and dedicated service.  I credit the unwavering support of my loving husband, Robert Robles and the love of my mother, Angie Castillo, who helped care for my babies, did our laundry, helped with house work, and on my worse days lifted my spirits to help me carry on,.  In fact they both still do.  Now my beautiful daughters are grown and they and my grand children are my reason for everything.  It’s been a difficult journey for all us.  I am  a Social Security Disability and Medicare recipient since taking my  medical leave eight years ago. Without these benefits I really do not know how me, my family would survive.  I have college age daughters who rely on local DES, Obamacare because my husband’s benefits at his job for Amphitheater School District  are way too costly for us to add them to his medical insurance.  We live check to check. My medications and co pays to various specialist are so costly even with insurance that by end of month we struggle to buy groceries and often do without. I know if I could afford better health care my worsening symptoms would allow me remission.  I fight the multitude of worsening symptoms such severe joint pain and inflammation , depression, memory loss, attention deficit, vision loss, organ disease with all my strength and with the Grace of our good Lord and the love of my family.  I pray for this new POTUS hear all our pleas and that his promise to provide health care for everyone is affordable and allows for quality health care so we can live our lives longer, peacefully, without the worries of repealing and/or losing our health benefits and or earned social security income so we do not live in poverty. I plea also as a woman with daughters to continue planned parenthood else we have unwanted babies living in poverty or given up to foster care. For our children hear us that education should start with preschool and continue funding for Headstart is of upmost importance and quality education for all including college education  should be affordable for everyone. Also because I have daughters I hope that this administration will support equal pay for women in the work force. I pray for our elderly especially that our social security will not be put at risk with privatization. It’s our time Mr. President, and yours too.  Your opportunity to prove in fact that you respect all women and are willing to invest in education for our children, the future.



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