Sabrina Kowaleski

Due to chronic pain and mobility issues, I am unable to attend the march in Washington as much as I would love to. We live in a country full of so many amazing people who, right now, are scared of what is to come. I join the march because it is vital that we oppose the new regime. We need more healthcare coverage, not less. The rights of people of color, disabled people, gender minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, and many more are in danger with the new administration. I add my voice to this protest to say that we need to fight for a country in which all are truly equal regardless of any differences we have.

A person standing outside with femme features, very short brown and pink hair (shaved on the side) and hollow earlobe plugs smiling slightly at the camera. Her eyes appear light in color. She wears a gray shirt and silver necklaces. Edges of tattoos are visible.

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