Stacy Brundin


I am a single grandmother raising my 6 year old native american granddaughter and a 2.5 year pancreatic cancer survivor who is terrified for our country’s future. not just for her, but for everyone.
Trump has a duty to uphold the constitution for the People. If we, the great citizens of America, need to remind our elected officials that America is a heterogeneous society, so be it.
Growing up, I remember hearing “you can’t please everyone” and in politics, it’s the epic truth. But I will not stand aside and let out of touch billionaires dismantle our infrastructure to fill their pockets with segregated agendas.
Government is not out of reach, they work for us. Sometimes, we need to remind them we are more than numbers. That we are a diverse society and should be represented as such, not just fodder for special interests. Never be afraid to voice your opinion, but remember to do it with respect. This is America and we have rights. There are good people doing great things everywhere and ya know what, they all don’t agree on everything but work for the common goal of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A woman and girl in a portrait photo. The woman stands behind the girl and smiles, resting her hands on the girl’s shoulders. The woman has a band of flowers holding back her medium length light brown hair, frameless glasses, and a large dark pendant on a short chain. The girl smiles at the camera, crossing her hands over a stack of books. She has a purple bowed headband holding back her long dark hair and is wearing a short sleeved pearl colored shirt, a small pendant, and a bead bracelet.

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