Wanda Hubicki

Head shot of a woman with dark brown hair wearing a strand of amber beads. 
I am joining the disability march because I wish I were able to join the March in Washington or even the March in my hometown of Charlotte, NC.  I walk with two canes because of arthritis in my knees and can only walk very short distances.  Since Trump’s outrageous campaign comments about women and the disabled, I’ve often thought of how Donald Trump might describe me, based on my limitations and appearance.  I’m so grateful that someone thought of a way to include those of us who will be there in spirit and solidarity on Saturday.  My concerns are for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Healthcare Act.  My daughter was denied individual health insurance several years ago and had insurance through a North Carolina state program that existed prior to Obamacare.  She takes a lot of expensive drugs and I don’t know how she will manage if they repeal it without an alternative in place.  
 I am 68 years old and have been married to my college sweetheart for 46 years and we share our home with our three cats.  We have a family business, an environmental testing company, called Get the Lead Out, LLC.  Our daughter, our only child, now heads the company as president.  Music brings me much joy, and I serve on the Board of the Charlotte Folk Society as newsletter editor and publicist.  We present monthly concerts featuring regional, national, and international touring performers – the highlight of each month for me. 

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