Allie White

Why I Am Joining The March: I have a very rare bone dysplasia called Kniest Syndrome. I’ve had all my life and always will. Unfortunately it made life a little difficult to move around so now I use a wheelchair.
We need to make marijuana legal for all use. There are so many benefits to it and it’s safe compared to cigarettes, other drugs and alcohol. It really could do wonders for the disabled.
We need to make it known that women deserve to be and be treated with respect! Simple as that!
We need to bring light to every woman, man and child who are disabled whether it’s mental or physical, no matter their age, color, religion and sexual orientation. We need to be seen and treated equally. We need to have access to everything just as an able bodied would whether that is being able to go through a doorway, push a stroller while in a wheelchair and have all the health care there is to offer at low to no cost. We should not be invisible! Let us be seen and heard!

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