Beth W

I am joining the disability march for multiple reasons, but primarily I choose to march this way because I must use a wheelchair and live in chronic pain making physically marching impossible. I want to march because I’m disabled and our new president has no respect or empathy for the disabled community. I march because the ACA allowed me, someone with a preexisting condition the ability to purchase healthcare. The ACA eliminated the ability of health insurance companies of placing life time caps on individuals, limiting the amount of healthcare they were entitled to. Repealing the ACA would be devastating to me and millions of Americans living with chronic health conditions.  I march because I’m a woman who’s is repulsed by the misogynistic and disrespectful actions of our new president. I march because I’m queer and the extreme anti-LGBTQ agenda of this new administration threaten the safety and the sanctity of my marriage and my family. I march because I’m an American that must do all I can to fight for the rights of all women. We must never forget that “Women’s rights are human rights”

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