Dawn Young-McDaniel

Why march? I virtually march for every woman who battles Multiple Sclerosis every day whose days consist of staggers & stumbles, drops her words mid sentence and mumbles, whose friends say that “when you talk about advocating for MS, you just want attention”(false!), resulting with friendships developing trouble, whose brain function sometimes becomes jumbled and whose spirit is about to irreversibly crumble.

I am relatively young but I have Multiple Sclerosis (Progressive). I was a TV/Film Medical-Psychologist-Crisis Consultant prior to my MS diagnosis and having to learn to walk again. I  have two college degrees, graduated with honors. I rescue EVERY animal I see. Now that I have this MS disability, friends just move on without me. I desperately want to finish developing a program for the disabled & Wounded Warriors w/PTSD that includes providing them with Service Dogs/Animals, with all animals coming from an animal shelter. I also play guitar.


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