Group of 10 marchers


OMrachel. Why I Am Joining The March: I am joining the march because I believe in all human beings living in freedom and peace to be united. My faith is Universal and believe in “Unity in Diversity.” I anchor myself in that integrity and believ in heartful and honorable composure for this country. I difinitively INCLUDE our Native American brothers and sisters.

Melody Townsel.

Helen Aronstein.

Ali. Why I Am Joining The March:

The system is violent and workings are vicious
designed to separate and keep people small
separated, alienated and lost in specifics
as if we are not connected at all.
In history, power has always been unequal
with systematic disadvantage and oppression
in every sphere of life this happens,
From marginalisation we learn these lessons.
No more to quiet acquiescence,
No more to a culture that makes violence ok,
No more to daily degradation,
we will be heard and have our say.

Nikki Bua. Why I Am Joining The March: When I was 10 I got the very rare muscle disease Juvenile Dermatomyositis. Myositis is a group of diseases that cause your immune system to attack your muscles to varying degrees.

The treatment can be long and difficult, and for many the treatments and/or the lasting side effects from then and the muscle damage last a lifetime.
I was never supposed to walk again, but I do thanks to hard work and good health care. I sometimes march and sometimes roll depending on how things are going. Today I virtually march for the rights of people with chronic and sometimes invisible health issues to be able to live their best lives by having access to health care, and accessibility and rights as outlined in the ADA.
I also march for equal rights for everyone no matter what their sex, gender, race, abilities, disabilities, age, or health conditions.
Sarah Bradley. Why I Am Joining The March: Hi! I am a 37 year old Aspie with Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, Chiari Malformation, and Hashimotos (amongst other things). I wanted so much to be able to participate in the marches but, like many of us, I am stuck in bed today. I am here in support of all of us who are neurodivergent, LGBTQ, disabled, have a uterus, are sickened by discrimination based on race religion or gender, give a hoot about the environment… and can’t make it outside to show our support. I am here for the people I love and especially my stepson Goose. He is 8 years old and has autism. He is blissfully unaware of what is happening in the world right now and I will fight until my last breath to see that it stays that way and that he doesn’t grow up in a world where people mock and abuse him because the malignant narcissist in the White House makes that an acceptable thing to do.
Keri Underwood. Why I Am Joining The March: I am home with multiple sclerosis but my daughter is marching. I wish we all could have been there to stand up for all of the people who are not represented by this horrifying administration. That definition applies to women and the disabled and people of color and LGBT etc people and…the vast majority of our wonderful country. Take it back.
Mary Ferrell. Why I Am Joining The March: I am Marching with you! I have many abilities: to love my neighbor (no exceptions), to speak truth to power, to join my sisters and brothers in continuing to build the inclusive world we seek. Sorry to be late to the party, haven’t been feeling well.
Lynn Carlson. Why I Am Joining The March: I am a 37 year old woman. I have PhD is in astrophysics from Johns Hopkins University, spend 5 years doing post-doctoral research in the Netherlands, France, and Massachusetts. Astronomy is a truly international community, and I have friends from or living on all seven continents. I grew up in a small college town in Pennsylvania and had friends whose parents were in education, nursing, constructions, manufacturing, and truck-driving. I try to cultivate a global perspective and to understand many different viewpoints and social environments. Now, I am teaching astronomy at a small college in Massachusetts , emphasizing evidence-based thinking to my many non-science major students. I also have (well-managed) bipolar disorder and anxiety, especially about crowds.

I am physically able and planned to attend the Women’s March in Boston today, but my anxiety disorder is rearing its ugly head. It has been barely controlled since November, and yesterday… I’m not able to go anywhere today and am grateful that to join in with this group! Today, I am thankful and protesting for our environment, our civil rights, and our healthcare (among many other issues). We cannot and will not accept the detrimental ideas or plans of this President, Vice President, or Congress and must carry on our protests in whatever way we are able. Love trumps hate.

Lin Park. Why I Am Joining The March: I too am restrained by symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and have to use a walker to navigate but in my spirit I’ll be part of disability dot-coms walk against the issues of our new Administration and encouraging hope for the future

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