I am marching (virtually) in hope that my four amazing nieces will keep the rights my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother’s generations fought for and to which I have been privileged. I am marching in hope that my nieces will one day have full equal rights, equal pay, equal access to healthcare, equal access to justice and equal respect regardless of their religion, race, skin color, disability, economic status, or LBGTQ status.
I am marching because I cannot in good conscience sit by while our New Administration acts to take health insurance from people in need without any further plan, proposes taking away rights from the LBGTQ community, threatens to build walls instead of needed infrastructure, talks of registering Muslims, deporting Hispanics, accepts support from White Supremacists, and intends to back out of Climate Change Plans.
Mr. President, as of today you now represent the interests of and work for ALL Americans in this nation. You have citizens in great need in every walk of life. I have family and friends who voted for you as well as family and friends who did not. Some are well off, some have been struggling economically for far too long. Some have been in this country since the Mayflower, others just recently became citizens or are hoping to. My family and friends span all races and religions, are gay and straight and bi, and queer, and Trans, are scattered far and wide across the political spectrum. Yet ALL are concerned about the direction that you may lead this country. We are looking to you to do your best for ALL your citizens, and we WILL speak up when we feel you are falling short of that goal.
I am lucky enough to work in a Library, despite medical disabilities.

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