Why I Am Joining The March: As a non-binary person who lives every day with the effects of depression, PTSD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, panic disorder, dyslexia, disordered eating, and mild psychosis, I find it so important to have spaces available for people with disabilities to participate in and enact change for our current political system. I have been asked so many times over the past few days if I’m going to the Women’s March downtown Chicago, and having to say no, I’ve been disgusted with myself at the shame I’ve felt in that. I’m very known on my school campus as a queer, progressive, feminist, so I feel a sense of obligation to be there, and when I tell others I won’t be going due to my anxiety of crowds (it’s so bad I get physically sick if I’m surrounded for long periods of time), I can sense their disappointment even though they say they understand.

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