Why I Am Joining The March: My husband and I are both disabled. He is a vet with a service related disability, but without the support we receive currently through Social Security, we would be living in our car. As it is, we manage to make do. We both deal with different disabilities and perhaps that is the reason we feel a kinship with other people who also struggle to find a safe, healthy and meaningful existence and just happen to be disabled. The rhetoric spewing from many lawmakers in DC includes real, targeted threats against the safety net of Social Security. In addition, our brand new president has just removed pages related to LGBTQ, civil rights, climate change,  disability rights, and healthcare from the official pages (It did manage to provide links to Melania’s line of jewelry, though!) His first acts as president erased a plan implemented by Obama to lower FHA loans and he signed an order allowing Congress to play fast and loose with the language in the ACA, with the intent of dismantling it. It is clear that the incoming administration is hostile to huge swaths of the everyday Americans that he claims to champion. We can’t be passive in the face of this.

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