Stephanie Saunders Lynch

I am joining the disability march ( because I do not have the stamina to be physically present at any of the marches, but I have a strong conscience and spirit, and I wish to be counted, along with my sisters, and my brothers, who stand in opposition to those who would disrespect, discredit, exploit, and disempower ANYONE, especially the most vulnerable and disenfranchised among us.

America is the greatest country in the world, not because of our military might, but because of the principled actions taken throughout the history of our nation to use our strength to protect and lift up humanity.
We have a long history of welcoming newcomers to our shores when they needed refuge and when they have had the courage to come to our great land of freedom to pursue the best for themselves and their families. It has never been easy to embrace those who are “different” from us, but as a nation we have made ourselves proud because we have pursued the vision of our forefathers who proclaimed that all men are equal and who promised “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all.

We need leadership inspired by love and goodwill for others, leadership with motives that rise above pettiness, suspicion, distrust, ignorance, hatred, intolerance and discrimination, entitlement, revenge and greed, so that we can continue our most important work to provide safety and security, acceptance and love for others, and for all, so that no one stands alone and forgotten.

We need leadership with dignity and nobility to fight for the dignity and nobility of every man, woman and child.

We need leadership with inspiration and hope to instill that vision for all people in the world.

We need leadership with courage to stand resolute against hatred, persecution and injustice throughout the lands.

We need leadership with integrity to fight for justice and liberty for all so that all of mankind can be united in love and peace.

America must continue to be a beacon of hope for our citizens and for the citizens of the world, inspiring others to work to provide freedom, security, justice, opportunity, respect, love and peace for all. I stand with pride for all our efforts, and I stand with the audacity to hope for better lives for all of us. Let us join and rise together!

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