Why I Am Joining The March:  I am young women who suffers from more than one auto immune disease.  It has wrecked havoc on my body and not a day goes by that I don’t have pain or fatigue.  I’ve learned to smile and carry on because on the outside appearance I look fine but inside my body is fighting itself. Doctors didn’t believe me and didn’t listen to women’s intuition  screaming something is very wrong.  I was undiagnosed for many years till someone finally believed me and it was a female doctor. People always think I’m faking my illness because on the outside I look fine as a war is being fought inside me.  Wish people knew the energy it takes for me to live my life and the constant pep talk I give myself to do any task.  Sometime I lose the  battle on the pep talk and those are my sad days.

I am an auto immune disease fighter and I fight for equal rights for all.  I am happy insurance must provide for preexisting conditions now.  All people no matter their disability should receive equal rights to education as well. Even though I suffer with pain I volunteer visiting children at hospitals to brighten their day like in my photo. I will be volunteering the day of the women’s march and I am happy for this opportunity to be involved in anyway I can. I’ve also worked to help those suffering with muscular dystrophy. Though I am in pain I work to help those who also suffering with illness or  disabilities. I expect their will be more marches in the next four years and I will be apart of them!

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