Group of Five Marchers

Mackenzie S.

I oppose everything Donald Trump, his voters, and the new Republican congress stand for. We cannot and will not let this monster win. I will not be oppressed and I will fight in solidarity for others so gravely endangered under this new regime. This is why I marched the two blocks I was able in my hometown after Trump was elected, and this is why I march virtually today.

Chelsea Ann Wallau

I am marching because having Trump as a president goes against everything I believe in and stand for as a human, woman, teacher, friend, and ally.
Tamara Jonas

I am representing all my brain buddies across the globe that have Cavernous Angiomas. People with pre-existing conditions should not be judged & turned away.

Darlene Adamson

I’m marching to give a message to our leaders that we will not go backwards. We stand against misogyny, we stand for women’s rights, we stand against racism and xenophobia.


Steve Ruhl

I’m joining the march for many reasons, but primarily to oppose a slimebag who mocks the disabled.

I’m a disabled man with a hereditary neurological disorder that prevents me from walking any distance.

Photo description (photo not attached) Dissenter with forked beard

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