Group of Six Marchers


Lorre Leon Mendelson


You all did an amazing job putting this together. My goal is to work with Nashville, TN organizers and as much nationally as possible so we will participate more in future actions with Women and Men, for all political and social actions. Because we are NOT an afterthought, we are NOT UNable, we are NOT to be forgotten. We ARE the largest inority in the US, we ARE the strongest voting power if we act on our rights, we ARE a community, we ARE a part of the world community. Thank you, Lorre

Jonisue Minor


I joined the Women’s March in spirit. I am disabled and unable to attend, especially with 3 feet of snow and 6 inches more per hour, here in Anchorage. But most of my friends are there and I am here to support them to. This March is so very important and make women more visible. With the election of reality star Donald Trump we are very likely to me more invisible that ever – it’s time for the government and the public to realize what power we do hold.

We need to give birth again to this Nation, just as we gave birth to everyone in it. We need to stand tall and demand our birthrights, not as a woman, but as a individual proud to be an American.

So yes, I am standing proud to be a woman and will be proud to see the removal of Donald Trump from his current position – he is NOT my President and never will be.

Emily K Harris

I am currently sick with double pneumonia. And, while out of work on unpaid medical leave, had to spend the last week evacuating my beloved home that I shared with 2 other women due to severe structural and mold issues deeming it unlivable. Was going to join the March in Oakland. Was so heartening to see the crowds of folks flooding Oakland & the world today. Thank you for creating this platform!

Knotty Kitteh

I march in spirit with all of my sisters–and brothers–who are physically marching all over the world for women’s rights. Women’s rights are not about making women superior! Women’s rights are for all people to have the SAME rights, with no one group having (or taking) more rights than others.
Be safe, be bold. HUGS to you all!!

Jennie Greenfield

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, which forced me to retire a touch early from a federal job that I loved … I marched in the 60s and am no longer able to participate physically… this is a beautiful site.

Hannah Taylor

I am joining the march to show the new administration that the people are stronger than his hate. We will not allow our country to go backward and trample the rights of everyone who doesn’t look like Trump. We are the majority, and we will make our voices heard!

I live minutes from DC, but because I have multiple sclerosis, I had to watch my family and friends go to the march without me. Thank you for having the Disability March!

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