I have multiple disabilities that mean I cannot protest in person, but I am joining here because I am very concerned for the future of our nation. I am frightened for our climate, for our LGBTQIA citizens (including me); for our women’s rights, including reproductive rights; for minorities; for health care; and for our relations with other countries. I see a new cadre of very rich old white men coming into power, all of whom have espoused ideals that are only beneficial for rich old white men. The rest of us have to work together to protect each other.

I am a 51-year-old who has multiple emotional and physical disabilities. When I was able to work, I was a software test manager. I earned a Masters in Library & Information Science and aspire to be a librarian for climate change datasets. My disabilities have narrowed my life to mostly just reading in bed. I am an aficionado of fan fiction.

Head shot of woman in sunglasses grinning standing in a parking lot. She has brown hair pulled back and wears a blue plaid fleece jacket.

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