Kiki B

I am joining because I am the mother of a college-aged daughter who is the smartest, most-driven, and hardest-working person I know, who is worried about her future under the Trump regime. I am also joining because this regime is an existential threat to women, this nation, and the planet. And, I am joining because I developed Myasthenia Gravis, a rare, but very serious auto-immune disorder that saps my strength and endurance while making me incredibly susceptible to illness. The common cold can quickly lead to respiratory distress and pulmonary arrest, necessitating a stay in the ICU and intubation just to breathe. Although I have insurance for myself and my daughter, repealing ACA strikes me all too closely, as I now have a previously existing condition and do not want my daughter to lose her coverage prematurely.

And I am joining because women have worth. President Obama showed this at every moment of every day. And now we have a sexual predator who denigrates women as Usurper in Chief. This will not do, so I am doing my small part to lend my voice to send the message to the powers that be.

Recent photo of the Obama Family: Malia, Michelle, Barack, and Sasha standing in front of a flowering cherry tree.

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