I was supposed to go to the women’s march in D.C.  I had many concerns due to my psoriatic arthritis, lupus, crohn’s, and primary immunoglobulin deficiency syndrome.  I did book a bus in high hopes of going but because I don’t fight infections well and I’m ill.  I also recently had a breast biopsy where they clipped a blood vessel and am bruised.  At the present I cannot be bumped into.  I am fairly active and am a licensed Zumba instructor.  I fight through my challenges well.  I will fight through this setback of the breach of women’s rights as well.  Even though I cannot physically be with you…..I’m here in spirt and sending my love.  Sometimes being chronically ill sucks because you have to miss things that are important to you.

A woman sits in a car. She has long blond hair and light eyes and there is a shadow on half her face.

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