Lori Krell

I am so thankful for this virtual march! This is the time for all of us to come together and show that we will be heard, we will be seen, we will stand up for the rights for ourselves, our mothers, our daughters, our family, friends and future generations. We will not sit back silently as the new administration rips apart the progress made so far. I am a single mother – disabled with a hereditary degenerative joint disease (I use a cane or walker depending on pain level) and a mental health illness, both of which keep me from participating in a live march. I have two amazing and beautiful daughters, one of whom is a member of the LGBT+ community and has medical concerns that take us to a clinic twice a week. My other daughter is dating a wonderful, sweet man who happens to be black.  Both girls will be fighting to keep equality for themselves and their future families. We need to stand and be counted to ensure that our children and all future generations have a healthy, clean planet on which to live,  play and raise their families. We need to end discrimination in every form – race, gender, income, religion – we need equal rights for all,  access to Planned Parenthood, access to affordable health care, and be able to safely walk down the street and enjoy life with their chosen partners.

A woman with green eyes and very dark brown hair wearing glasses and a dark green sweater smiles and sits in a room with peach colored walls

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