Niki Beecher

I worry deeply about the future of our country for many reasons, given all that has happened in this past Presidential election. Although I cannot march, I have attended a few protests over time in a canine sulky, pulled by my two huskies. But I cannot get to Washington, and our local march doesn’t allow dogs, so I thought there was no way of making my concerns heard until I found this, for which I am very grateful.

We are facing a turning point in our country. In my 68 years, I have seen wonderful progress made in the U.S. toward equality and justice for all people. What I see now makes me deeply fearful that we are in danger of losing much of this progress and many, many people being hurt by what is to come. I pray we find a way to come together and hang onto the progress we have made, and continue to move forward, rather than backward, because backward is a terrible direction for any people, and I’ve always believed in America and Americans.

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