I would be attending our local March in Ireland if not for limited mobility from a genetic disability called Ehlers Danlos. There are myriad of reasons why I feel strongly about protesting the president elect in the USA but topping the list are the fact that he is a rapist and an abuser and should be disqualified from office full stop, and him burning the ACA to the ground. The majority of my closest friends live in the USA and several of them are disabled. Several of those disabled people will be at risk of death if they lose their health care, which it is looking like they will. It is unacceptable to repeal the ACA without ensuring the most vulnerable in the US are taken care of. I cannot bear the reality that I could lose loved ones because a narcissistic rapist won the electoral vote on a platform of hatred, discrimination, injustice, racism, sexism, ableism and intolerance. The USA influences the rest of the worlds policies and progress whether we like this or not, and this is a terrifying precedence to set.

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