Stephen Briggs in Saint Paul

I am unable to attend the Womens March – Minnesota but want to do what I can to be counted at this frustrating, frightening time.  It is imperative that citizens who are in the crosshairs of the wealthy elite and radical right speak loudly, respectfully, with conviction, and repeatedly to protect their rights and livelihoods.  Greed and bigotry have long afflicted our nation, but were checked somewhat by our democracy.  With the 2016 elections, our future is severely threatened.  We need to stand together, organized to match the resources of those who have taken control of our country.
My name is Stephen Briggs.  I am 63 years of age, single, gay, and disabled due to spondylosis and depression.  Thrift, savings and a private disability income help me get by.  I grew up in a small town, then moved to the Twin Cities for college and stayed.  I am blessed with a loving family, affectionate pets and numerous quality friends, and am fortunate to live in a metropolitan area known for its tolerant culture.  I’m doing okay.  But I see many others who are not.  Time to join up.

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