Lesley Olson

Why I Am Joining The March : I am uncomfortable in crowds and boy do I hope it’s a very large crowd. Power to the People! Love trumps hate.

Erin Lee Firestine

Why I Am Joining The March : People with mental and physical disabilities, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, immigrants, Muslims, and many other marginalized peoples are used to being ignored by our fellow citizens. We are tired of trying to prove we exist. But we exist. We exist. We exist. Website: http://elfirestine.wordpress. com

Mary Parks

Why I Am Joining The March : As a gender non-conforming person who is AFAB, I’m joining the March virtually because I refuse to be silenced. Although I have physical and emotional challenges that keep me from attending in person, I stand with those who are able to be there.  

Konni Shier

Why I Am Joining The March : We are fighting for our country and for our lives. We are fighting for simple, basic human decency!

Valerie Crisci

My name is Valerie. I am becoming a part of this march because I do not want to be demeaned, undermined, and mocked. Let’s remember that many people in power, both in the past and now, have demeaned and undermined people with disabilities. The point of this march is to make ourselves known as we…


  My mental illness has made it impossible for me to participate in any marches. Mental health care needs to be affordable for all. Women, people of color, immigrants and muslims need to be safe in this country.   A Julie is a stand-up comic, actor, poet, and bookkeeper

Jennifer Moore

Autimomma extraordinaire! I am a single mom of a little one with ASD, ADHD and SPD so having a President who mocks those with disabilities terrifies me to no end. Also seeing who he is trying to get to run the education cabinet also scares me. Add to this that I, myself, fight depression and…


I am unable to join the march because I have a hard time walking even with my walker.  After 30 years of pain from Adult Stills Disease and 12 surgeries everything is hard for me.   But this walk is so important to show Trump and all the Republicans that there are people all over…

Suzanne Linares

I’m marching because everyone has a voice and we all deserve to be heard.