Group of 10 marchers

Alyce: I am a woman with dwarfism with mobility issues.
 I am 60 years old, have seen women’s rights and disability rights grow over my lifetime, and I march in defiance of those who would erode those gains.
Pat Bremner: I want to let Donald Trump know his rhetoric so far has been deplorable and is giving validation to racists and homophobics as well as harming women.
As he becomes the most powerful man in the world this rhetoric cannot go unchallenged for fear of bigots in other countries fanning the flames.
As a disabled woman from Scotland with an American daughter in law and extended relations in America I fear for how his term in office can damage everyone in America and in the wider world.
In my own way here in Scotland, I am getting ready to go to a local demonstration here to show solidarity.
I am a woman who has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 40 years.
My involvement in campaigning came late in life to me, starting after the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014.
good luck with the march
best wishes
Carolyn Johnson: I have been disabled since 2007, when I had to retire from my job as RN supervisor 11-7 shift at a nursing home. Prior to that time, I was aware that I had various conditions, but I had been able to function through the day as an energetic, lively person.  I am not submitting a photo as I do not know how to resize the photos I have.
I am joining the disability march because I have heard donald trump say that there are too many restrictive regulations which are a nuisance for builders, regulations which are in reality, needed for access to modern life by disabled people. He is so narcissistic, that he cannot see that there are people with needs other than his own.
I have chronic fatigue and chronic pain from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and benign hyper mobility syndrome, all of which limit my activities to a few a day. I plan to attempt a couple of hours at a local Women’s March in my area in Central PA on Jan. 21, 2017, at which I am hoping I can use a folding chair while the Constitution is being read aloud, as I am unable to stand for long periods of time.
I feel very strongly that donald trump denigrates and insults women (among other groups) at every turn, and it is important for as many women as possible to stand up against him.
Carolyn Livingston Johnson
Age 70
 I’m MK Chandler, artist and teacher. I’m not good for much marching these days due to illness. I want to support the marchers, women and men who are deeply concerned by the election and direction our country is heading. As a parent, grandparent and former teacher of young children,I join the chorus of those who want the best for us all.
Carol Browning: Website:
Comment: I would like to participate, but have several chronic illnesses that make marching even in my hometown of Ashland, OR unrealistic. I am the mom of two grown sons, and twin daughters that I gave up in an open adoption at their birth; Lara and Meagan now live in Argentina and Chile, and are activists for social justice in their new homelands. It is time our voices, women’s voices do count.
Jessalyn Alany: Why I Am Joining The March : We have made some progress, but it isn’t enough, and this isn’t the time to go backwards!
Debra Hehn: Why I Am Joining The March : To support the Women’s Movement and show my non-support for Trumplethinskin.
Ariadne Sullivan: Why I Am Joining The March : I’m chronically ill and cannot go to the public marches that are happening, but would like to strongly oppose the installation of a President who is actively trying to deconstruct all the good programs and policies that help the U.S. population. I want our children to be educated, our homeless housed, our hungry fed, and our sick to get the the Healthcare we so desperately need. These hopes include anyone within our borders- regardless of skin color, religion, or country of origin. Our government exists to serve people, not corporations, and I won’t be bullied into scapegoating, discrimination, or mean-spirited practices just because they are sanctified by this country’s dubiously elected officials.
Barry Lively: Why I Am Joining The March : Attending or watching the incoming president’s inauguration would be a celebration of that individual. I would rather celebrate the Constitution and our right to assemble (even if only online). Mr. Trump is carnival barker and not a credit to the office.
Carla: Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the march for the future of women in this country. We cannot afford to allow this new administration to take us back to the days when women had no rights. We’ve been fighting for equality my entire life and I’m not ready to give up! I cannot participate physically because I have a progressive neurological disease called Chiari Malformation along with many secondary diagnoses.

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