Close-up photograph of a woman with dark curly hair. 

I am marching because I am extremely worried about the status of
women everywhere. We all know that, in the west at least, our status and rights
have improved considerably in the last 50 years. But we also know that we still
have a long way to go. However there is a real possibility that our position
will be eroded, and that people in the future will look back on what we have now
as a golden age, the pinnacle. And there are many women elsewhere around the
world who have not, and will not, achieve the freedoms we do have.

About me: I am female, disabled, mixed race, and a child of immigrant parents – so I
am worried about more than the rhetoric involving women, as if that was not
enough! I would like to be marching alongside others but am not able to do so,
however I do want my voice heard and my solidarity counted.

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