Silver Kitsune


Photo: A black and white photo of a woman taking a selfie in a dressing room mirror. She is wearing a sequined leopard print collar under a trench-coat, has short, straightened and graying hair, and a heavy but well done amount of makeup on and she’s smiling slightly. 
I am a gender and sexually queer artist, a feminist, a stout believer in the radical notion of a united humanity and the power of rebellious women and allies. I’m a sexual assault survivor and I work every damn day to make the world a more beautiful and safe place. I respect our wilderness, the peoples who came before, the heritage of those oppressed and the power of education to bring us higher as humans. I support the safety of women in the military, the rights of LGBTQ to marry and choose their paths. I march because my humanity is not the things this newly elected president is. We are more and better and we will not stop fighting for a brighter futute.

I am a freelance artist, dancer, model, writer, educator and sex worker. I can be found at

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