Susan Ciesla

Woman sitting with straw sun hat and flowered top in a wheelchair, with husband sitting behind her. They are in a garden. 

I was an ardent Bernie supporter, and was devastated when neither he, nor Hillary, could win.  I figuratively stand with the thousands of others to support LGBT rights, marriage equality, women’s rights, reproductive rights, and disability rights.  I stand with my American Family of all colors and creeds, who wish for a chance to live in an inclusive society which acknowledges all the work and sacrifice that went before.  And I stand for protecting our environment, so that we all may live.  I hope for universal healthcare, and a living wage for all workers.  This election broke my heart, but I need to believe that we can still fight on, and not lose hope!  Thank you for organizing this disability march!

About me: I’ve been a fighter most of my life.  I was a college student when we marched against the Vietnam war after Kent State, and have always supported progressive causes. I’ve been sidelined with COPD, and have chronic pain from spinal arthritis and polyneuropathy.  I’m very lucky that my husband George is such a wonderful caregiver!

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