Alayne Fenasci – The Brilliant Life

I am joining the disability march because I can’t be in Washington DC to join the physical march. I am currently disabled, and I only receive medical treatment because of the expanded Medicaid program. I refuse to be marginalized by my circumstances, and it is already a fight to be heard by medical professionals, society, and even friends. The rights of women, LGBTQ+ individuals, racial minorities, immigrants, the impoverished, and the disabled are of baseline importance in civilized society.
As part of the resistance, I believe in a government that promotes social justice in all of those areas. I adamantly hold to the necessity of solidarity among like-minded people from all walks of life in order to make that dream a reality.
There are so many people like me, and we are not small! Neither our needs nor our contributions to our world can be brushed aside. We will each be the voice that strengthens the others as we refuse to give up or back down from our commitment to resistance and to justice. We do not become what we are told we should be. We are not the punchline of a political joke, nor are we powerless. We have something the new administration does not recognize for its true significance. We have each other. To my fellow resistors: Be Love, and be loud about it!



Bio: Alayne is a writer, wife to Christopher,  and mother to a young  daughter in southeast Louisiana, currently battling invisible illnesses such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, and ADHD (which she calls her “superpower”). She loves her family, good books, photography, music, and helping people. She believes thinking one thought at a time is boring and prefers to consider dozens of ideas that could make life better for people with limitations. She shares thoughts online at TheBrilliantLife

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