Close-cropped photo of a woman with long brunette/gray hair digitally dated 01/02/2016.

Why I am marching:
We are having a local march, but I cannot walk the distance they are traveling. I am hoping to get the chance to drive down to the end point, and participate at the rally.
I am 65, and not permanently disabled, but am still struggling with mobility issues after having broken my ankle last January, one week after this photo was taken.

As a child of the 60s, I participated in a sit in at Travis AFB that was attended by Jane Fonda, met Donald Sutherland at a McGovern rally, and marched in a SF Peace March.
I am a Democrat, as were my “Grapes of Wrath” type grandparents, and have been a feminist/humanist since I first realized women weren’t granted the same rights and privileges as men.
I am saddened and appalled that, after everything we tried to gain for women during the 60s and 70s, a return to the dark ages of the 50s is looming on the horizon.

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