Amy Rhoads Underwood


I’m marching to show support and love to all Americans, in fact to all humans, who will suffer or are already suffering due to the Trump administration, whether through policies or simply through Trump’s example that bullying and bigotry are to be revered instead of stopped. I’m horrified and embarrassed that the leader of our country continually displays complete disregard for the bodies and psyches of women and girls, of disabled people including children, of people of color, non-Christians, LGBTQ folk, and immigrants, both through his own statements and as demonstrated by the people he has chosen to govern with him.

I march to help my daughter and granddaughter, and all of our daughters, to never feel compelled to allow intrusion from a person or the government and to never feel less capable at anything based on being a woman. I march to remind my son, and all of our sons, that it is never acceptable to touch a woman without her permission and desire, or to treat her differently than a man.

I’m virtually marching because severe pain and fatigue from my spinal cord disease prevent me from attending a march in person.

I live in Shawnee, Kansas, a Kansas City suburb,
and have relatives and loved ones in nearly all major marginalized groups: female, immigrants, of various sexualities, disabilities, colors, and religions.

headshot of middle-aged woman smiling, shoulder-length dark blonde/light brown hair, dark reddish glasses

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