Bethany McCraw

Why I Am Joining The March : In 1978 I marched in DC for the ERA with my mother and sister. I remember the bitter disappointment and grim determination of everyone when it failed to pass. The elders said to me, “We may never see true equality in our lifetimes, or a president that truly represents US. It’s now up to you to continue this work.” I am now 50 and have done so as best I can. I will continue to fight for equality, education, healthcare, and human rights until my dying day. I march in solidarity with all those facing such great challenges from within and without. We all need each other. I am so grateful for this forum to add my name and my voice. I suffer from invisible illnesses: fibromyalgia, depression, PTSD, and asthma. I am a breast cancer survivor and still in recovery from bilateral mastectomy. If the ACA is repealed I will lose my health insurance since I am a single, sole proprietor. We must stay strong and we must fight the good fight together. Let our voices swell to form the rallying cry that will lead us all to greater justice and peace.

Woman in glasses with a defiant expression and “VOTE” wristbands on her crossed arms.


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