Nikki L. Rogers

I am joining this march to be in solidarity with my American sisters with disabilities. The incoming administration and the new Congress are dangerous to the health and freedom of all Americans, but disabled Americans are disproportionately affected by these parties’ stated goals, actions, bias, and ableist agenda. Our intersectional identity as women additionally makes us victims of misogynistic actions, and additional layers of oppression affect women of color and those who are LGBTQ. We were moving beyond these archaic chains for 8 years and I am appalled and agnry that these regressive bigots have been given the power to drag us backward toward the recent dark ages.

I am a woman with depression and ADHD who has only recently claimed her identity as a woman with a disability. My depression has been well-treated with SSRI medication for decades, but I only sought treatment for my ADHD in November 2016 when I reached a level of stress and concern over my lack of ability to effectively function at work and at home.

I am attending a local women’s march rather than travel because I am still dealing with a year’s worth of backlogged work at home and the office due to my untreated ADHD. Thank you for this virtual option for attending the DC March so women with disabilities are documented as being a part of this demonstration against the appalling attitudes and anger in our country that led to the election of this Congress and the bully reality tv personality.

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