C. Blaise Mitsutama

A woman in a white jacket and pink shirt stands with her hands and arms raised. She is smiling. The picture has a filter of text that reads “Upstander: a person who acts to make positive change. I stand up for equality. Join me.”

Why I Am Joining The March:
For the many who have suffered, and continue to suffer, injustice, inequality, exclusion, humiliation, economic/social/educational disadvantage, threats of physical violence, and acts of violence.

For those who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice their time, financial security, and even their lives for social equity, diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, the right to healthcare, freedom from hunger, privacy, the right to say “no,” mutual respect, economic/social/educational opportunities, and equal justice.

To stand against a future in which everything we have gained may be lost.

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