Emily Van Ness

Woman with a short haircut wearing a pussy t-shirt. She has a nose ring and a black and white scarf draped around her neck.

Why am I joining the march? Because I got to officiate my mother’s wedding last year and I don’t ever want that joy and triumph taken away from them. Because some of my best friends are not white and I don’t want them locked up, persecuted, demeaned, or targeted for being such. Because I am a Metis woman of pansexual orientation and I cannot walk alone in my city because I of street harassment, bigoted statements, and threats of physical assault. Because I am an earnest supporter of social justice and civil liberties and I will not back down when my friends, family, loved ones, fellow citizens, fellow humans, the world is threatened by tyranny, oppression, and ignorance. I cannot physically be there because of my panic disorder and my fibromyalgia. I cannot participate in something I hold so true in my heart because ableism is built into every aspect of society, because a movement I believe in would be triggering to the point of hospitalization, because I am not able to physically be there. I will not be silent. I will be present. I am with you. Love and peace will prevail.

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