Cheyanne SW

I join the voices of women worldwide to say: we want change. I am a Jew. I am a woman. I am disabled. I am smart. I come from a poor family. All of the stigmas associated with these words ring false to me. I want to show that just because I am marginalized or in a minority, my voice can still be heard! We CANNOT embrace the current status quo. WE NEED CHANGE, but with Trump in office, I would settle for him not to kill me -like so many others that depend on our great homeland for survival. If I could have gone back to work and gotten health-coverage, I would have. Instead I’ve watched my illness drag my family down as they struggle to care for me and pay my bills. Without Obamacare many will die, and those in my family wouldn’t be able to get health insurance, forcing them to lose their job and join me in my illness where we would be on the streets, truly desperate.

I am a 35 year old disabled woman who has heard “You’re too young to be that sick!” for many years now (from the well-educated to the least-educated). I’ve been fighting for Social Security assistance for 4 years and recently had to start the process all over again. I rely on caregivers who are sick themselves and rely on their healthcare to keep them healthy enough to work.

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