Laura Cole

online march image.jpg
A white plus-size woman with straight shoulder-length dark brown hair and a Captain America shirt is facing the camera with a neutral expression. 

I’m marching for:

& people of color, immigrants, and undocumented citizens, who are called “illegal” (as if a person could ever be illegal), who are threatened and profiled and are told to “go back to ___” (even if they were born on American soil);

& veterans, whose well-being is ignored, whose health care and other support programs have been cut and cut and cut, who have such a high rate of suicide that it is an epidemic of its own;

& the disabled and sick who constantly have to fight to be seen, to be considered, to be treated as humans;

& people in Flint who have been without safe water for a staggering 1002 days;

& men who are rape/abuse survivors but are ignored/dismissed/called “lucky”;

& POC whose accomplishments and contributions are ignored in favor of whites’, or have had their accomplishments attributed to white people;

& all other oppressed communities. I am here for you.

& women whose accomplishments and contributions are ignored in favor of men’s, or have had their accomplishments attributed to men;

& rape survivors who are first and foremost asked what they were wearing and how much they’d had to drink;

& indigenous people who have been forced to defend the very water they drink, who have been murdered, whose families have been torn asunder by the US government;

& non-Christians who face hatred from those who are supposed to love their neighbors;& the poor, who are made to jump through hoops for what little assistance the government provides, only to have their food purchases constantly judged, to be asked why they have the internet, to be interrogated as to why they have a Netflix account;

LGBT+ citizens, whose rights page was removed from the White House website mere hours after the inauguration;I am a disabled LGBT+ woman from the Twin Cities area. I have a particularly aggressive case of ankylosing spondylitis, which has relegated me to a wheelchair for the past five years. I am considered fully disabled and I depend on SSDI, which (as I’m sure many of you know) doesn’t really leave me capable of travel, financially speaking. So here I am, joining the Disability March and achieving something I’d never thought possible, which…. wow, y’know? (Thank you so much to the organizers here for coming up with this idea, you’re absolutely brilliant!)

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