Christine Thompson

Photo of Christine on the coast of Oregon. She is smiling at the camera and wearing a blue sweatshirt. Her hair is windblown. 

I have lived in Michigan all of my life.  I attended parochial school until 8th grade and then attended a public High School, Community College and the University of Michigan with a teacher’s certificate and Bachelor of Arts Degree.  I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and now live with my second husband.  I suffer from restrictive lung disease so I am limited in how far I can walk without intense pain and shortness of breath.  I am so pleased to have the opportunity to join the Women’s March virtually.

I have always enjoyed being treated by a lady and have tried to behave in a way that earned the respect of my friends and family.  I am totally insulted by Donald Trump’s remarks about woman.  I also believe strongly that all people should be treated equally, no matter what sex they are, no matter what color their skin is, no matter what religion they practice, no matter how rich or poor they are.  I believe everyone in our country should has the right to good solid health care.  I believe our country is based on the freedoms of all people and that we welcome all people into our country.  These beliefs give me the burning desire to march with every person in our country who has joined the Women’s March.

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