Donna Sequeira, M.Div.


I am joining the Disability March because I cannot physically join the March in DC this weekend. I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis among other chronic illnesses and so I have mobility and endurance issues. First, I march for myself; I have applied for SSDI and should finally have a hearing this summer but I fear what the new administration will do to jeopardize this help that I so badly need. I am currently on Medicaid and I have gotten the best and most consistent health care in my life … I am afraid it will get taken away and then I don’t know what I will do. I am a married lesbian and I worry about what will happen over the next 4 years to our community. I march for my wife and our daughter. To ensure continued opportunities for both of them and to protect our family. I march for all the ancestors before us that made a way for families like ours and for the rights of women and other groups that have been marginalized in our country. I march to fight against what seems to be a valuing of white supremacy within the new administration. I march because I belief in and served a country that values the rights and opinions of all citizens. I march because I will not stay silent or still while the those currently in power try to cater to the rich while taking from everyone else.

Bio: I am a mom, a wife, a lesbian, a tomboy, a home educator, a community educator and a minister. I am an activist and I am beginning to claim my identity as disabled.

Picture Descriptive Text: brown haired gender queer lesbian with glasses in ministry drag

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