Mandy Judson

I support woman’s rights. We need to have access to safe affordable medical care and taking away planned parenthood cuts off that access for far to many people to just stand by and let that happen. I also support the ACA. The ACA is the only reason why I am alive today and can receive the medication for Mast Cell Activation Disorder which I have. Repealing ACA without a comparable replacement leaves people without a way to get medical care or get the medication that they need. I know of a few friends that can not afford their medication on their own. I also support a single payer system and want reforms that help bring down the cost of medical care for everyone. I need a way forward rather than suffer a horrible death because I had to stop taking my medication because I could no longer afford it.

I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder. You can find out more about this rare disease by looking at the Mastocytosis Society page.



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